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LiveBetterToLiveLonger y Dr. Donna Becker• Se Habla Español• Most Insurance Accepted• We Honor Medicare• Compassionate Doctor& Staff12002 Bandera Rd Suite 111 Helotes, TX 78023Office: 210.695.9002Fax: 210.695.9044 www.HelotesMed.comBThe Sex Hormones help to maintain all of our organs. When estrogen, progesterone, and testosteronebegin to fade and disappear in males and females around mid-40s our bodies don’t have the same energy, and we slow down, mentally and physically. Our brain, bones, and sexual organs decline most noticeably. Because people are living longer, it must not be the same as it has been in the past thousands of years. We don’t want to live the last 20 years in severely debilitated condition. Heart and joint replacements for the very wealthy never work as well as the original part!There is a new type of medicine slowly emerging, Regenerative Medicine. This type of therapy would restore to new condition the worn out joint, the damaged heart or lung. But it is much more than stem cell injections, it is also the very early detection of cancer. A blood test is available, now, to detect the DNA of emerging, tiny cancers so treatment can begin before it spreads. This DNA test can accurately pinpoint the affected tissue. Yes, it is very expensive and not covered by any insurance.Just as cell phones 15 yrs ago were thousands of dollars and available to the very wealthy, so regenerative medicine is not now widely available. But it will be. You must avail yourself of the current therapies to maintain your health for at least ten more years. Medicine will be drastically changed from the old“treat every ill with a pill”or“cut and poison cancer” to restore you back to your factory model!You have got to live better, now. Sleepis vital. Melatonin, progesterone, many different herbals can help. Get your hormones levels checked and don’t settle for “well, it’s normal for your age”. Ask, is it normal for a 25-year-old? Thyroid has a wide range of normal. What about DHEA? This is an adrenal hormone, the desired range for DHEA-S 150-250.Of course, hormone restoration may not be right for every person reading this article. A careful, detailed history, some imaging exams possibly, and pages of labs help to define the right treatment for the right person. Yes, you can get cancer if you take hormones, and yes, you can get cancer if you don’t take hormones! Blood clots, heart attacks, and stroke also can occur with hormone therapy, and with no hormone therapy as well.Dr Donna BeckerSpecializes in anti-aging & health maintenance medicine.(210) 545-5224 www.antiagingsa.comGet Your Vitality Back!Focus of Treatments:• Hormone restoration to healthy young adults levels• Thyroid issues• Hot Flashes/ Night Sweats• Moodiness, “Emotionality”• Loss of Libido• Brain Fog• Insomnia• Bone Loss• Vitamin Deficiencies• Blood levels guide treatmentMen’s issues:Erectile, Dysfunction, Fatigue and Weight GainThe Enhancementof Life CenterDr. Donna Becker and Mr. Roderick Kuwamoto, PACall to schedule your FREE consultation (210) 545-522414603 Huebner Rd,. Suite 2601 (Huebner & NW Military)www.antiagingsa.comI Spy With My Little Eye... ContestBLy Alissa Reinhardook carefully, search each and every page, up and down, left and right, front to back, and then backto front.Don’t give up! If you can find the hiddengraduates character, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $50!Just email the page number and location where you spotted the graduatesto Deadline is June 13, 2022.We hope you’ll have fun with our version of a mini-scavenger hunt within our pages. Good Luck!Congratulations to our MayI Spy winner Jodie MarabellaHELOTES DERMA AESTHETICSLocated Inside Helotes MedClinicExpert CareFor Your Skin!Treatment For:ACNE • ROSACEA • SKIN TIGHTENING HYPERPIGMENTATION • SKIN REJUVENATIONServices Include: BOTULINUM TOXIN • (BOTOX®/DYSPORT®) MICRODERMABRASION • PHOTOTHERAPY DERMA FILLERS • SKIN TAGS & MORE!Se Habla Españolwww.helotesdermaaesthetics.com12002 Bandera Rd Suite 111 78023 • (210) 947-2640June 9

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