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Did You Know?BAy Cynthia Leal Masseyfter Helotes farms and rancheswere established, areathat year, music was by the Whitney Ryan and Woody Avery Orchestras. A June 17, 1939 advertisement reads, “Dance high in the sky where it’s cool. 10,000 square feet of smooth floor.” Admission was 80 cents per couple.The Inn featured an outdoor circular patio where patrons could dance close to the stars with a breathtaking view of the Texas hill country. Live bands played by moonlight. According to a former female patron of the dance hall, women dressed up to go to the Inn and always looked forward to seeing Hugh Brauchle there as he was a very good dancer.According to a reminiscence written by Gloria McCulloch Anderson, a descendant of the Steubing family, the area where they danced outside was lit by the moon and stars and was “very romantic.... The ladies wore evening dresses and the men suits.” Anderson also remembers that “one night, I had on a red evening dress and my date had the band play ‘The Lady in Red’ music andentrepreneurs, knowingneed for recreation after a long work week, opened several dance halls. One of the most intriguing was the Twin Mountain Inn, perched on a hill seven miles north of Helotes on Bandera Road, which opened in the mid-1930s.Helotes pioneer Edward Zepeda leased several acres to Mr. Dugosh from Bandera, according to Carol Dunford Lancaster who owned the property for several years before selling it in 2005. Dugosh built a hilltop dance hall called the Twin Mountain Inn, which had a road that circled around the hill to the top.According to an April 10, 1936 advertisement in the San Antonio Light, the dance hall was open for dancing “every Saturday night, featuring steak and chicken dinners Saturdays and Sundays.” On the opening Saturday night dance on April 11theCloseup of the Twin Mountain Inn, 2007. The Twin Mountain Inn, built in the mid-1930s on property owned by the Zepeda family, was a popular area dance hall. Photo circa 2007.Mayor’s Cornersong in my honor. What a thrill. That was in 1935.”Today, the hilltop on private property is covered in shrubbery and dense cedar and oak trees, and the old stone walls of the dance hall are barely visible from the highway.The late Ella Dunford, who was about sixteen at the time the dance hall was beingRest assured that I will fight to keep Helotes great by assessing every decision with what will provide you, the taxpayer, with the greatest benefit. It’s high time America honors and incentivizes it’s GREAT CITIZENS instead of enabling abusers of the system. Great leadership inspires others to follow. Perhaps our city can be the one to lead by example.built, said it wasn’t opened for very long, but while it was, it was apopular honky-tonk.Cynthia Leal Masseyis the author of several books on the history of Helotes. Visit,Rich Whitehead MayorRich WhiteheadPDear Residents:roper business managementCITIZEN is to let them watch you tolerate a bad one.” Looking at government in this light causes one to realize that just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. This new maxim forces government to ask a completely different set of questions, particularly surrounding social programs, entitlements, taxation, and safety. Questions such as “How does this program benefit the taxpayer”, “How can we encourage and inspire good citizenship”, and “How do we incentivize the taxpayer”.I left the ICMA conference disheartened by the path 1000’s of city managers are leading their cities, mostly because the majority of cities are asking the wrong questions and are not putting the taxpayer first. Fortunately, Helotes is not yet overly burdened by many of the traumatic issues depicted by the current national narratives.Good Governmentembraces the following statement:“The fastest way to destroy a great EMPLOYEE is to let them watch you tolerate a bad one.” To be certain, I agree wholeheartedly, and I manage my employees under that maxim. In fact, when I attended the International City Managers Association conference last fall, that was a central theme in most of their classes. That maxim leads to a slate of questions such as “How do we get rid of bad apples?” and “How do we get employees to take ownership in programs” and “How can we expand our programs”.But I believe government leadership should adhere to a higher standard of management. I believe we should replace “Employee” with “Citizen” resulting in this maxim: “The fastest way to destroy a great4SEEKING ARTIFACTSTSubmitted By Historical Society of Heloteshe Historical Society of Helotes is planning a Natural History exhibit at City Hall to be installed thissummer. If you have arrowheads, unique rocks or fossils, or any other natural history specimen from the area, please consider donating or loaning them for the exhibit. It is preferable that the artifacts are from Helotes and Grey Forest or their ETJs.The Society recently acquired a small collection from a local resident. One of hisBrandeis Named National Grand Champions in Orchestra CupBTy Kathi Holzschuherhe Brandeis High School orchestra competed in the National Orchestra Cup in March. Theybrought home the highest honor, Grand Champions! They are the first San Antonio school to receive this recognition.donations is a Tortugas point (an arrowhead that was once attached to the end of a spear) that is from the Middle to Late Archaic period, 3,200 to 2,000 years before present, which was found on his Helotes property. The specimen was identified by a UTSA archeology professor.Please email with apictureofyourartifact(s),including provenance.License #RMP – 18953“We Treat You Like Family” Est 1992 - Family Owned Commercial & Residential PlumbingCall San Antonio Plumbing for YOUR plumbing needs today!210-520-3333 12682 Old FM 1560, #103 Helotes, TX 78023 (Across from the Courthouse)www.saplumbing.netwww.heloteshighlights.comAdditionally, two Brandeis orchestra students won awards for best solo performances. Vincent Garcia-Hettinger won for best low strings, and Ray Zhang won for best high strings.Brandeis - continued on page 10 June 20221-year guaranteeon all repairs! Financing Available

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