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“The Will Lady” The Law Office ofKathleen Cassidy Goodman, PLLCCALL 210-949-1000Why Do I NeedIf your spouse passes away, you need to transfer your spouse’s interest in the home to yourself.If you are not married, with a Transfer on Death Deed, you are able to transfer your home to your children or someone else on your death.IT’S EASY AND TAKES SO LITTLE TIME- all you need to do is:1. Email with your name, addressand phone number or call 210-949-1000.2. Provide the name(s) and address(es) of the individual(s)you want to receive your house on your death.3. We will contact you by email or phone for an appointment to come into the attorney’s office to sign the Transfer on Death Deed.4. We will file the Transfer on Death Deed with the County Clerk.5. When you pass away, there may be no need for probate if your house is your only probate asset.a Transfer on Death Deed?You Need A Transfer On Death Deed –Because when your spouse passes away, the house will not “automatically” transfer to the surviving spouse:• Even if you were married at the time of the purchase of the home.• Even if you and your spouse are both named in the deed.• Even if you both lived in the home together.• Even if you both made the payments together.• Even if your spouse has named you in his or her Will without going to probate.YOU MAY BE ABLE TO AVOID PROBATE!A Texas Transfer on Death DeedPrice: $500.00Includes County Recording Fees25 Years of Legal ExperienceWills • Trusts • Probate • Inheritance • Estate Planning Medical & Financial Power of Attorney • Business Entity Formation210-949-1000 I 12274 Bandera Rd., Suite 222, Helotes, Texas 78023 I www.BexarLaw.com12 June 2022

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