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Brandeis JROTC Does It AgainO’Connor High School Senior, EllaGonzales, Receives Softball Scholarshipevery memory because these four years fly by very quickly.”Brought To You By:MSubmitted By Amy Ozunaadelyn Elizabeth Ozuna is graduating from O’Connor High School. She has been a memberof the Golden Star Spirit organization for four years and has been on the Golduster Dance Team for three years.During her three years on the team they have won many competition awards including State Champions and Grand Champions. Her senior year she has served as a Social Officer on the Dance Team.She has also been a member of the RJP Modeling Team her Junior and Senior year and while on the team has participated in several community service events. Madelyn plans to attend North West Vista after graduation and then transfer to UTSA to major in Interior Design..FBy Kathi Holzschuheror the first time in two years,Brandeis High School’s JROTCteam competed in the National High School Drill Team Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida. This all-service drill and ceremony competition recognizes school-aged units from all four service branches.The Brandeis Blue Aces Unarmed Drill team, under the command of Cadet Major Triniti Childress, clinched the covetedNational Championship title. This year marks their fourth win for the same title.New this year, squads were contending in three divisions based on school and program size, the number of instructors, and historical performance results. Brandeis competed in Division I.Congratulations to the entire unit for an excellent effort.B eing persistent in a sport- staying at it, builds character, creates memories, and brings opportunities. Swinging the bat since four years old, senior softball player at O’ Connor High School, Ella Gonzales has been awarded a scholarship to play at the University of Northern Colorado. Playing throughout her high school years, Gonzales has gained a passion for sports medicine, which she has decided to pursue as a major in college. She is also involved in the National Honors Society and has maintained an impressive 4.0 GPA.The secret behind Gonzales’s success is her devoted family, “My biggest supporters along my journey have been my parents.” With Gonzales’s commitment comes just as much commitment from her mother and father too. College life is approaching fast, and she will hold close to her heart the amazing friendships created within her softball team. In fact, one of Gonzales’s biggest motivators in winning games is to see her teammates succeed as well and celebrate as a team. The wins and the losses have brought them together where they bonded either way. What Gonzales has realized as her high school years are ending is how soon it is already here, “...cherishy Tracy PetersStarry, Starry Encounter BIy Lisa BouqelgokBrandeis - continued from page 4 Founded in 2002, The National Orchestra Cup is an annual, invitation- only orchestral competition held at Lincoln Center in New York City. Only the best school orchestra programs receive invitations. This year The Brandeis High School orchestra was one of the honoredfew to receive a call.Students perform on a renowned stagein the Alice Tully Hall, competing against the best schools in the nation. Judges are prominent conductors, including the assistant conductor for the New York Philharmonic.The Brandeis High School orchestra program is under the leadership of Director Keven Garcia Hettinger and Assistant Director Olga De Leon.t was 1:47 in the morning. I know this exact time because we just bought a new digital clock. My daughters werevisitingGrandma. Myhusbandwasworking out of town. I was home alone.I was awakened by footsteps outside my bedroom window. Moments later I heard the distinct sound of munching. “Whew, it’s just deer.”Nonetheless, I did get up to look out the window and counted a small herd of five,, seven deer outside my window grazing in my backyard.Now, here is where the story begins: 1:57. Gazing out the window, looking at deer, I noticed three distinct bright stars on the horizon. “Must be those three planets that align at dawn. Let’s see...Jupiter, Saturn, Venus? No, Mercury.”“Got to put astronomy class on my Bucket List.”“Wait a minute! The planets are moving forward.”“Must be an airplane. We are on the flight path for the Air Force Base.”(I once got to see the shuttle being transported back to base!)2:02 AM. “Yep. Definitely an airplane getting even closer and three lights getting even brighter.” (Usually, the USAF planes start turning by now, which is why I got to see the full side view of the shuttle piggybacked on the transport.) Deer still munching peacefully on my pathetic patch of grass.2:07 AM. “Holey Shamoley, that’s really getting close! It’s huge! What’s those bigGrads - continued from page 8Congratulations, Graduate, MadelynElizabeth Ozuna10www.heloteshighlights.comJune 2022transports the air force use? C-Something? What’s it doing this time of night?”2:12 AM. It stopped. Three very bright horizontal lights shining clearly on my backyard. “Oh, another deer by the trees, thank you, Lights.” The eight deer kept munching. They were not disturbed. There was no noisy engine sound. No sound at all. Just three bright lights.2:17 AM. Suddenly, the lights went sideways. The fastest horizontal exit I’ve ever seen since Beep Beep the Roadrunner! (“Exit, Stage left!”) It disappeared in seconds. No more lights. The deer continued munching.2: 22 AM. I went back to bed. Very strange. “I’m glad the deer woke me. I might have missed the whole starry encounter.”

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