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 O’Connor Student-Athlete of the Month: Raven Moreno
 y Alissa Reinhard
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am today,” Raven described. “But in the big scheme of things, my faith is what inspires and motivates me in all things. My daily motto is: ‘God gives me the talent. I give Him the glory.’”
Raven plans to attend Texas A&M University in the fall and pursue a degree in petroleum engineering. Although her athletic career will soon be coming to an end, cheerleading has left a lasting impact on Raven.
“I’ve learned that practice doesn’t make perfect, but practice makes permanent,” Raven explained. “When you shift your mindset to that logic, you no longer strive for perfection, but for perfect effort. That’s all anyone of us can do. Perfect effort leads to victories for your team, and ultimately, for yourself.”
 ymnastics has been a part of Raven Moreno’s life since she was a toddler. She joined Powerhouse
Gymnastics at the age of two and stayed in competitive gymnastics for eight years. Now, a senior at O’Connor High School, Raven is a varsity cheerleader committed to her sport and her team.
“I enjoy stunting and tumbling,” Raven described. “These strengths helped my team during competitions.”
This season has been unlike any other. Cheering through a pandemic was not something Raven or her teammates could have prepared for. However, she’s thankful for the opportunity.
“I am forever grateful to Northside ISD for allowing us to have a football season and to cheer on the sidelines this year,” Raven said.
Aside from cheering, Raven participates
in Ag, Ag Mechanics, and Agronomy at O’Connor. She’s also been involved in other sports including softball and track. She is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Honor Society, and Math Honor Society, and an active community volunteer. Raven is also currently part of the Independent Study Mentorship (ISM) program at O’Connor for petroleum engineering and she holds down a part- time job, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA in all AP classes.
“Time management and priorities are a must to help me balance my rigorous lifestyle,” Raven described, “but it’s a mountain I feel I have climbed triumphantly.”
Raven is supported, motivated, and cheered on by her family and her faith.
“The constant love and support from my family has truly shaped the person I
   Meet Brandeis Educator Of The Year - Amanda Hamilton
IBy Alissa Reinhard
n January, Amanda Hamilton was
named Brandeis High School Educator
of the Year, an exciting and honorable award for a teacher who exudes the “Spirit of Brandeis.”
Amanda has been teaching for 16 years. A product of Northside ISD of herself, she was a member of the first graduating class of Communication Arts High School. Amanda is known for her enthusiasm for teaching and for engaging her students in unique and interactive ways, including dressing up and impersonating historical figures. She was nominated for the award by her fellow educators, including her good friend and teacher, Kristin.
“Amanda’s wigs, hats, and accessories
really put the rest of us to shame when it comes to school spirit,” Kristin wrote in her nomination. “Even in the midst of a pandemic, you can’t dampen her spirit.
The best teachers are the ones that forge those deep connections with students. Even if students may have no interest in the content, if they love their teacher, they will engage, grow, and often learn to love the class.”
Amanda is appreciative and humbled by the award. This has been a challenging year for all and she’s thankful that despite many obstacles, she is still able to have an impact on her students’ lives.
“It’s hard – the normal simulations and classroom discussions I plan are very
interactive and don’t translate well over Zoom,” Amanda explained. “And it can be difficult not to get discouraged. But I still try to make learning as fun as possible. We all feel like first year teachers again as we rethink how to present every assignment. So, this award really means a lot.”
Amanda’s hard work is recognized by her fellow educators, students, and parents alike.
“Amanda Hamilton should be teacher of the year every year, but especially this year,” wrote Kristin. “She is constantly trying to improve her instruction during virtual teaching and someone that I trust as a colleague and a friend.
   Congratulations O’Connor Soccer Team
  1. Haley Brown #14 has loved soccer with a passion since she was 5 years old. Even when school shut down for COVID she practiced daily on her own. Her dedication to her team, academics, and faith has earned her a spot at Brigham Young University in the fall where she will pursue a career as a nurse anesthetist.
2. Haley Daiberl #00 is a three-year varsity goalkeeper for the O’Connor Panthers. She is a member of the National Honor Society and a team captain. Haley will study biochemistry on a pre-med track.
3. Shanley Rogers #11 is a four-year Varsity player and two-year team captain. “Since you were four years old it has been one of my greatest gifts to watch you play soccer. Your leadership on and off the field has been inspirational. Keep putting in hard work and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in college.” - from her mother (Nicole Rogers) 4. Marina Rodriguez #99 is a two-year Varsity goalkeeper for the Lady Panthers. When not with the girls, she works two jobs to stay busy and productive. She
has been accepted to 9 colleges and has narrowed it down to Centanary College of Louisiana or Dallas Christian College. She will be studying Early Education to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming an Elementary School Teacher.
5. Danielle Hernandez #12 is a four-year varsity soccer player, team captain and a member of the national honor society. She will be attending Oklahoma State University in the fall majoring in Biology Pre-Dental.
6. Audrey Davis #19 tears up the field with her speed and agility as a mid- fielder/ forward for OHS. When she is not on the field, she plays the violin with OCHS Varsity Full orchestra, studies hard, plays hard, and works hard at Crumbl Cookie. To date, she is undecided for her college choice but aspires to be a lawyer.
7. Arantza Arruti “Z” #24 is a very technical and creative midfielder for O’Connor High. Apart from her passion for the game, she is very dedicated and disciplined individual. She has a kind heart and is always willing to help others. She wants to be an oncologist,
Top Row - Haley Brown, Haley Daiberl, Shanley Rogers, Marina Rodriguez Bottom Row - Danielle Hernandez, Audrey Davis, Arantza Arruti
but is still undecided which university she will attend in fall majoring in Biology Pre-Med.
   8 April 2021

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