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 Why Women Make the Best Radio Contest Winners
ABy Sonny Melendrez
ny radio personality who has ever given away a big prize on-air will tell you that women make the
best winners. It’s a simple fact. They just do.
Women have no problem screaming with excitement, no matter who may be listening (or watching.) Ask Drew Carey.
However, the fact also remains that when you attempt to pay off a major contest after weeks of promotion with a live-on-air call, anything can happen. The same holds true for follow up calls.
Once, while hosting my morning show on KTFM Radio in San Antonio, our PD, Billy Thorman, created a unique contest, called The 20-Songs-In-A-Row Challenge.
The longer the“time spent listening”to a station, the higher the ratings can be.
The idea was to have listeners write down the name of every song they heard and when we called, read back the last 20 titles.
Sounds like a lot of work, but the prize was $50,000!
After weeks of promoting the contest, on a Friday morning, I drew a name and made the call. Our listener rattled off the songs and won the money.
Her reaction was priceless, the perfect winner with lots of energy.
To add to the drama, we all went immediately to her home, arriving in a limo, with a Brinks truck and KENS-TV crew in tow to deliver the cash.
Before we left she mentioned that she wanted to celebrate by having a big party and invite the morning show team.
The following Monday morning, I called
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         to ask how her weekend went and find out when she was planning to have her party.
Again, this was live on KTFM.
And so, in the middle of morning drive, instead of saying hello, our listeners heard her answer the phone, “I spell country, C-O- U-N-T-R-Y, 100!”
She had moved on to another station and another contest.
What else could we do but laugh.
While women do make the best winners, they can also be the most unpredictable!
Sonny Melendrez is
an award-winning
motivational speaker,
Hall of Fame radio/TV
host and author, based
in San Antonio. For more
of his enthusiastic brand of inspiration and speaking information, visit his official site:
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