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  Dizziness & Imbalance Are Not A Normal Part Of Aging Don’t Wait To Take ACTION!
ABy Dr. Ann Newstead, PT, DPT, PhD
re you fearful of falling? Growing
old does not mean you need to
fall, experience dizziness, or live with poor balance and fear of moving. Falls lead to reduction in movement, potential fractures and hospitalizations. Falls lead to a downward spiral that can be avoided if you are proactive.
THINK PREVENTION FIRST. BE PROACTIVE. TO PREVENT A FALL you need to take action early. Ideally you can take action before a fall or loss of balance or a trip or slip.
Taking action at the first sign of dizziness or vertigo is the best solution. Physical therapy can guide you through the correct management plan dependent upon your objective physical findings after a thorough examination.
First, your medical history, your medications, your lifestyle and physical activities, and goals will be explored in detail to get you on the right track to recovery.
Second, your will have an evaluation of your eye head coordination determines how well your eyes move, followed by an evaluation of your balance and coordination and walking to determine your fall risk during functional activities at home and your community.
Third, you will be provided a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan of care based upon your history and evaluation findings. You will be provided one-on-one physical therapy to get back to your best self.
Ultimately your plan will help you improve your quality of life and functional
capacity. Your individualized plan will create a lifelong change in your movement and performance abilities.
Why wait? Did you know you have direct access to a skilled expert physical therapist? For a consultation discovery visit call Dr. Ann Newstead PT, today at 210-833- 8336. We accept BC/BS and Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans and all
secondary insurance plans.
Ann H. Newstead, PT,
14418 Old Bandera Road
Helotes, TX 78023
     Weathering The Storm: One Helotian’s Story
 BIy Alissa Reinhard
n February, Texas was hit with a
record-breaking winter storm. Single-
digit temperatures, ice, and snow caused widespread devastation. Elaine Willbanks, who lives just a few miles north of Loop 1604 off of Bandera Road, faced added challenges, doing everything she could to protect and care for her livestock as the frigid cold lingered.
Elaine has 15 head of miniature Herefords – seven cows, seven calves, and one bull. She prepared for the storm, bringing extra baled hay to the barns and filling additional containers with 100 gallons of water in each field. But then, like so many others, she lost
power. And then water.
“Everything froze,” Elaine said. “My water
was frozen. I have a big storage tank and it was just an ice cube. A 3,000 gallon ice cube.” Elaine turned to her neighbor, Julie, for help, who was lucky enough not to lose water. She loaded an empty cattle trough in the back of her truck, filled it from her neighbor’s well, drove it to her trough, and siphoned it over the fence. But the water
just kept freezing.
“Every hour, I’d have to go out there
with a hammer and break the ice,” Elaine described. “It’s important because ruminating animals, like cattle, have to drink
and eat continuously in order to stay warm.” Elaine repeated the process until her water was restored, five days later. She then drove out to a horse sanctuary in Boerne that was still without water and walked them through the siphoning process in
order to water their horses.
“What really bothers me about all of this
is the devastation,” said Elaine. “It hurts my heart. Every day I go out and pick up five or six dead birds out of my yard. So many have lost their source of food. I think we’ll be experiencing the ripple effect for a long time.”
   ¡Viva Fiesta! Plans Underway For Fiesta 2021 This June
IBy Alissa Reinhard
n February, Fiesta San Antonio officials announced that the city’s biggest annual event with deep, historical
roots in the Alamo City, would be postponed until June 17-27, 2021. According to Fiesta San Antonio Commission Executive Director Steve Rosenauer, the decision wasn’t an easy one, especially after the postponement and eventual cancellation of Fiesta 2020. However, the decision to postpone was made under the guidance and recommendations of city officials; Dr. Marty Makary, a health expert from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, who was hired by the commission; and with input from Fiesta’s member organizations.
“Through all of these separate discussions, June was determined to be a month when we could hold the event safely,” explained Rosenauer.
Fiesta will kick off on June 17 with Fiesta Fiesta, the official opening of Fiesta 2021.
Other scheduled events throughout the 10-day celebration include:
• The Texas Cavalier River Parade
• Fiesta Carnival at the Alamodome
• A Night in Old San Antonio (NIOSA)
• Fiesta de los Reyes at Market Square Unfortunately, some of Fiesta’s larger events will not be celebrated in 2021 including the Battle of the Flowers Parade, Oyster Bake, and Fiesta Flambeau.
The Commission is currently working with its member organizations, city officials, and Metro Health to determine safety protocols during Fiesta including event capacity limits, mask mandates, and more.
“Our number one priority is always the health safety of our Fiesta family,” stated Rosenauer. “If things change between now and June, we will find another alternative.” Fiesta has an economic impact of more than $340 million, supports over 3,000 full-time equivalent jobs, and is attended by about 2.5 million people, according to the Fiesta Commission. In addition, it generates much- needed funds for its member organizations who serve the community at large.
“The decision to move forward with Fiesta 2021 rather than cancel the event
was made under the advisement of health officials and medical experts,” explained Rosenauer. “After determining that we could hold the event safely this summer, we also considered that our decision would affect many organizations who rely on Fiesta to carry out their mission to support the people of San Antonio who need it the
most. Fiesta also has a real emotional impact – it’s a time for us to celebrate diversity and culture and everything that makes our city so great.”
For an updated list of Fiesta 2021 events, visit fiesta-event-calendar/.
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