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Emotional Outbursts May Be A Sign Of By Dr. Donna Becker Estrogen DominanceHELOTES DERMA AESTHETICSLocated Inside Helotes MedClinicExpert CareFor Your Skin!Treatment For:ACNE • ROSACEA • SKIN TIGHTENING HYPERPIGMENTATION • SKIN REJUVENATIONServices Include: BOTULINUM TOXIN • (BOTOX®/DYSPORT®) MICRODERMABRASION • PHOTOTHERAPY DERMA FILLERS • SKIN TAGS & MORE!Se Habla Españolwww.helotesdermaaesthetics.com12002 Bandera Rd Suite 111 78023 • (210) 947-2640Attractive, well dressed, this home- schooling mother who managed a large home and 4 active children, did not appear desperate. She began calmly describing symptoms of hot-cold at night, surges of warmth during the day, feeling mildly confused and forgetful all the time. Now, the smallest upset during her busy day might lead to an angry outburst which very much surprised her. But she also noted that she could cry “at the drop of a hat-for nothing at all, really!”She had learned to just walk away from her family into another room when she felt so unbalanced and emotional. Suddenly she burst out: “it seems to be getting worse! I can’t stand myself!” I told her it was not her fault, “your hormones may be unbalanced”.As women approach menopause, the hormones begin to fluctuate. The first hormone to precipitously drop is progesterone, the great balancer. Progesterone is a mild diuretic and sedative. Without progesterone, the unopposed estrogen causes one to feel very emotional and anxious.Progesterone moderates many side effects of excess estrogen by reducing water retention, headaches, bloating, bleeding, and fibroids. Progesterone in excess causes sedation, while the right amount is calming. Progesterone decreases proliferation of the cells in the milk ducts by 400%. (Fertility Sterility 1995; 63:785-91) Progesterone protects against hyperproliferation in the uterus as well as the breast. Yet, most menopausal women are prescribed only a synthetic estrogen without the balancer, progesterone.Progestin is not progesterone. The synthetic progestin has effectsAnew exhibit featuring a historical retrospective of Old Town Helotes has been installed in the exhibit case at Helotes City Hall. The exhibit, which will be on display until the summer, showcases a 19th-century Western Town with images of the town’s historic buildings “Then and Now,” and corresponds to the unveiling of the recently installed Historical Interpretive Signage in Old Town.The signs were placed in front of buildings that are at least 50 years old and have historical significance in Helotes history. They are:• Hileman-Riggs House (Texas Grounds Coffee Company)• Riggs Grocery Store (Helotes Gallery)• Terry Residence (J Gibson Salon and Spa)• Riggs Gas Station and Garage (Old Town Depot Antiques)• The Cottage (The Cottage Antiques)• Helotes General Store (Cheetahlish )very different from the bio-identical progesterone. Progestin side effects may include depression, breast swelling, weight gain, water retention, and in some studies, increased risk of breast cancer.The mom described above had a high level of estrogen, practically no progesterone, and very little testosterone. I discussed in detail with her the side effects of hormone replacement therapy, history, physical, and reviewed three pages of her labs.Women’s hormone replacement must be precisely prescribed based on laboratory analysis. Hormone replacement should not be prescribed according to age adjusted normal. Rather, hormones should be prescribed according to the levels of a young adult.I suggested progesterone capsule at night to balance her estrogen dominance and a precise amount of testosterone cream applied intravaginally. Later, she told me, “I feel like myself, again!”I want to help you feel better, too. Call for free 15 min. consult.Dr Donna BeckerSpecializes in anti-aging & health maintenance medicine.(210) 545-5224• Ross Barham House (The Cracked Mug Coffee House). With funding by the Helotes Economic Development Corporation, the Historical Society of Helotes produced the 12” x 18” signs erected in front of these historic buildings. They provide an overview that includes historic photos and text highlighting the historical significance of each building. The Historical Society plans to erect several more interpretive signs in the Old Town district in the future.The interpretive signs are Phase Two of a two-phase project that started with the Old Town Helotes Historic Walking Tour Map produced in the spring of 2019 by the Historical Society of Helotes, in conjunction with the City of Helotes.Please visit Helotes City Hall to view this interesting historical exhibit and plan a walking tour of Old Town to see the new interpretive signs.What’s Its Current Value?• Insurance Appraisals• Appraised While You Wait & Watch • Fair Market Appraisals• Estate Appraisals• Over 35 Years of Jewelry ExperienceSchedule An Appointment!12274 Bandera Road, Ste. 236www.sanantoniojewelryappraisers.com210-316-8758Get Your Vitality Back!Focus of Treatments:• Hormone restoration to healthy young adults levels• New Weightloss Medications • Thyroid issues• Hot Flashes/ Night Sweats• Moodiness, “Emotionality” • Loss of Libido• Brain Fog• Insomnia• Vitamin Deficiencies• Blood levels guide treatmentMen’s issues:Erectile, Dysfunction, Fatigue and Weight GainDr. Donna BeckerThe Enhancementof Life CenterCall to schedule your FREE consultation (210) 545-522414603 Huebner Rd,. Suite 2601 (Huebner & NW Military)www.antiagingsa.comMarch 9RegisteredGemologist Appraiser

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