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By Sonny Melendrez
I’d like to share with you, a ritual that has served me well in growth and prosperity for any
given twelve month period.
First off, you must set out to recreate
the mindset you had when you first started your career.
The reason is simple: Imagine how much more you could accomplish if you could go back to your first job(s), knowing and having the experience you now enjoy.
Try this.
The next time you get into your car, sit still for a minute and mindfully go back to the first time you drove alone.
See yourself at the wheel, scanning the dash; imagine starting the engine; smell the experience and hear the sounds of that exact moment.
Now, imagine that the car you drive today is that car. Be a kid again. And, think how you would have felt if your first experience driving would have been in the car you now drive.
Moreover, think about the freedom you would have felt in so many other ways.
So it is with your career, no matter where you are in your “journey of success”. Reconstructing the wonder and excitement of your commencement can serve to energize your prospect of the year ahead.
That said, here are..
The 5 Steps Back To Your Future
1. Choose a specific career event that had your heart beating out of your chest with joy. Watch that “movie in your mind” up to the exact moment you started your new job.
2. Next, imagine yourself today, standing next to your young self. Visually place you hand on her shoulder and whisper these words of encouragement, “You’re gonna be a star!”
3. Think of your greatest mentor and what you learned from them — something they
Photo by Jack Cohen on Unsplash
said that you have never forgotten.
4. Now, imagine that you’re younger self is asking you for advice. Share the wisdom your mentor imparted on you.
5. Finally, come back to now and repeat the following affirmation, “I have the ability, knowledge and experience to accomplish any goal I set my mind to achieve!”
The Payoff
I’ve found that the real payoff to this mental exercise is the rekindling of what drives our success: anticipation.
Having the optimism of your younger self can recharge your batteries and better prepare you to face the months ahead with grand expectation.
Keep your hands on the wheel, eyes on the road and don’t stop till you get there!
Sonny Melendrez is
an award-winning
motivational speaker,
Hall of Fame radio/TV
host and author, based
in San Antonio. For more
of his enthusiastic brand of inspiration and speaking information, visit his official site:
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