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 Breast Cancer - continued from page 8
Check For Signs & Symptoms Of Breast
Cancer With A Self-Exam
EBy Alissa Reinhard
arly detection and early treatment is key when it comes to fighting cancer – and that can be especially
true of breast cancer. Breast self-exams are a powerful way for women to stay aware of their breast areas so that any changes can be reported to your doctor.
Morton S. Kahlenberg, M.D., FACS is the Medical Director of the Baptist Network for Cancer Care, Baptist Health System. A board certified general surgeon specializing in the surgical treatment of cancer, Dr. Kahlenberg, a fellow of the American College of Surgeon, is widely regarded as one of America’s foremost surgical oncologists. He has published in leading cancer journals and is consistently listed among the region’s ‘Best
By Alissa Reinhard
The Mari Strong Foundation: Founded by Daniel and Mari Gomez, The Mari Strong Foundation is was founded to inspire new life and hope into the women whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer. Mari inspires women with new visions of possibilities and gives them hope where there once wasn’t any.
(210) 663-5954
Overcomers: Daughters of the Kings of Kings: Overcomers is a breast cancer non-profit organization and a sisterhood for breast cancer survivors. Its mission is to be real in sharing women’s’ needs while building strong foundational relationships. Overcomers offers faith centered workshops for breast cancer survivors, their spouses and
According to Dr. Kahlenberg, women
should perform a self-exam monthly and look for any changes, new lumps or bumps and nipple discharge.
“The technique is simple: soap and water in the shower and small circles as if you were massaging your tissue,” Dr. Kahlenberg explained.
And although monthly breast self-exams don’t replace mammography, according to Dr. Kahlenberg, they are very important.
“[Breast self-exams] should be thought of as another means of early detection,” he stated.
Know what’s normal for you, understand the way your breasts normally look and feel,
and this may help you notice if there is a change in your breasts. And don’t forget to
schedule your mammogram!
real, raw truth about fighting breast cancer, helping other women feel less alone. Pink Warrior Advocate also distributes Chemo and Mastectomy Care Kits filled with practical items handpicked by Jennifer to help women with the side effects they face during treatment.
(830) 308-8855
  Breast Cancer Resource Guide
 families. Founded by Genny Small, a breast cancer survivor, Genny was diagnosed in her third trimester of pregnancy. She realized through her journey that many women were finding themselves feeling alone. Through this journey, Overcomers was born. (316) 648-5466
WINGS: The mission of Women Involved in Nurturing, Giving and Sharing (WINGS) is to bridge the gap between diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, providing comprehensive breast health services to women in Central and South Texas who are uninsured. One in eight women in San Antonio will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and of these women,
50 percent will not have insurance to cover treatment. WINGS is not only about the treatment of breast cancer, but also dedicated to education and outreach. (210) 946-9464
Pink Warrior Advocates: Pink Warrior Advocates is a non-profit that directly assists those that have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the Hill Country and surrounding areas. Pink Warrior Advocates works to create a sisterhood to carry women through the emotional battle, while also alleviating the financial burden, allowing them to focus on healing. Founder Jennifer Reynolds was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 33 and rediagnosed with metastatic breast cancer again at 38. Jennifer has helped exposed the
  Outstanding O’Connor Student Athlete – Amelia Clement
 ABy Alissa Reinhard
melia Clement, a senior at O’Connor High School, has been dancing since she was a toddler.
“Dance has always been a way for me to express myself,” Amelia said. “It’s something that I’ve always loved to do.”
Amelia has been on pep squad and now the dance team at O’Connor her entire four years of high school. She has bonded with her teammates, forming lasting friendships.
“Not only does dance allow me to do something I’ve always loved to do, but the team aspect of it is something else that I love,” Amelia explained. “I love spending time with all of my teammates. If I’m in a bad mood, they immediately lift me up and make me feel so much better. I’m grateful to have all of them in my life.”
Amelia was recently named captain of the dance team, a great honor that she is thrilled to have received. As captain, she is second in command to her director and responsible for helping to run practice and
keep lines of communication open between the other officers and her entire team.
One of Amelia’s fondest memories and favorite cheer traditions at O’Connor are the “big and little reveals.”
“It’s a special moment, when you find out who your big or little is,” Amelia explained. “It’s the forming of a bond and the beginning of a special friendship.”
In addition to dance, Amelia is also a member of the National Honor Society. She served in student council last school year and played clarinet in the band her freshman through junior year. After graduation, Amelia would like to attend University of Texas at Austin and study psychology. Amelia is motivated and supported by her parents.
“They are super supportive,” she said. “They know dance is something I really love to do.”
For Amelia, dance is an escape from daily responsibilities and routine. It brings her joy
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and therefore the hard work and long hours of practice are all worth it.
“Dance isn’t just another thing on my list,” Amelia explained. “It’s a priority for me because it’s what I love to do.”
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